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Everything’s connected. Use big-picture thinking to get an overview of the many moving parts that make up an effective gamification strategy.

When your objective is behaviour change, it’s easy to get lost in the details and lose sight of the ‘big picture’. Identifying all the ‘moving parts’ is certainly important but take a step back from time to time and see how all the various components come together to create synergy.

Here’s an overview showing some (but not all) of the elements you need to consider. In short, you want to identify your organisational objectives and ensure they align with your company values. Look at the behaviour you want to establish or change and then give some thought to the motivators that will help you achieve this.

Be mindful that your workforce is multidimensional and that needs and desires will vary considerably. Also remember that changing or establishing behaviour takes time and cannot be rushed, too much too soon and you’ll stress out your target audience. Carefully monitor your feedback mechanisms at every turn and don’t forget that all important dose of perspective
– that’s big picture thinking!