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Bring your gamification to life. Know the importance of goal setting, which rewards work best, ideal task complexity and the social behaviour of users.

Goal setting

Manageable sub-tasks and stimulating side-quests make all the difference. By breaking the task down into more manageable missions, participants can choose which task to tackle first.

Task complexity

If the game element is sufficiently challenging, the participant will get a sense of satisfaction from completing the task. If participants excel at a particular element, they will feel encouraged to ‘level up’ and take on more challenging aspects of the gamified solution.


For quick behaviour change, use a continuous reward schedule. Warning: if the rewards are withdrawn, the desired behaviour may decrease or cease altogether.

Social behaviour

Participants need a sense of purpose and a sense of self within a social context. Tapping into these very powerful intrinsic core drives is a slam-dunk for gamification solutions.