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We’re experts at using cutting-edge gamification strategies to engage and motivate your employees. Once we’ve got their attention, however, it’s up to you to make sure there’s plenty of meat in the sandwich …

Gamification is a booster for user engagement, organisational productivity, motivation and e-learning. Whether you’re seeking to increase sales, stimulate learning or supercharge engagement, we can help you – as long as there’s enough content to keep high-performing players coming back for more. A strong content plan (and plenty of actual content) is at the heart of every successful gamification solution.

This content takes two main forms. One of which can only be provided by you, the business owner.

1. Learning content

Gamification can be used to stimulate learning in absolutely any context – from mining and microbiology to call centres and computer science – and at any level of your business. But there is one important caveat…

If you’re using gamification to motivate and engage employees to develop professionally, it goes without saying that you will need to provide the majority of the content. Whether the learning’s focussed on products, processes or services, you know your business far better than we ever could. Sure, we can use our expertise to tailor the content to make it more game friendly, but you’ll need to assign a person / team to feed us all this nitty gritty info.

2. Motivational content

What’s more, all gamification strategies also require motivational content. This may be further information about the system, incentives to increase sales or triggers to keep people in the system. Generally, this is also supplied by the client (you know your business best, remember), but we are able to help out as part of a comprehensive communication strategy.

A nice problem to have

You will be amazed at how swiftly high performing players in the system will glide through content (both learning and motivational). This is a nice problem to have – but if your content cookie jar is not adequately stocked, engagement will almost certainly suffer.

Regardless of your precise gamification needs you will require a strong content plan in place from the outset, and you’ll also have to adapt and manage it as the solution unfolds. For instance, we have seen that whenever content is switched off (when the person in charge is ill, perhaps) engagement drops dramatically – make sure this doesn’t happen to you, by having a backup plan in place.

A two-way street

It goes without saying that participants engage more when there is more content. If engagement is your goal (which it certainly should be) you need to complete the loop by providing content. Engagement – like any effective relationship – is all about give and take.