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Gamification Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your business with solutions that work with the new way of working.

Solutions created to match specific business needs.

With a common thread of stability and effectiveness, we respect the different needs of different industries.

Solutions for Contact Centres
  • Easily track the metrics that matter in your business. AHT, FCR and all the typical performance metrics can be tracked in real-time.
  • With instant feedback of performance achievements, a new generation of contact centre agent can quickly learn new behaviours to enhance their impact.
Solutions for Sales Teams
  • Ensure that your sales force stays focused on the important sales funnel
  • Track sales targets and celebrate sales wins in real-time
  • Encourage teams to follow sales processes by maximising their rewards
  • Drive positive sales behaviours by integrating sales learning into an achievement narrative.
Solutions for Learning
  • At the core of enhanced performance is role awareness and mastery
  • Quickly on-board staff towards becoming effective contributors to your business goals
  • Attend to your procedural adherence challenges by building learning journeys into your performance approach
  • Help your workforce to stay up to date with product knowledge so that they engage your customers confidently.

Once we know the kinds of business challenges you face, our design team can design a solution that works for you.

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Innovative features for a new generation.

Smart reporting

Real-time data, reports and feedback to promote quick action and effective remedies.

Smart measurement

Performance tracking linked directly to ideal behaviours for increased goal attaining.

Smart learning

E-learning baked right into the solution to maximise growth of your workforce.

Results are in

Take a bow, you're a winner!

Gamification is premised on the principle of intrinsic rewards. Badges, levelling and competitive, peer-based challenges all amount to great motivational enhancements.

Our research shows that a healthy mix of an intrinsic and an extrinsic reward strategy is the perfect way to maximise the effectiveness of your solution.

Through a partnership with GET Rewards, we are able to easily integrate with a robust reward system to deliver digital rewards or physical rewards that align with your reward approach.

Find out more about reward strategiesFind out more about reward strategies

Flexible technology

meets solid performance

A human-centred design approach means that we can truly craft a solution tailored for your business and deliver small, medium or large-scale custom solutions.
Alternatively, if speed to market is your most important requirement, we offer a pre-built solution that simply needs to be configured for your use.

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We'd love to connect and discuss how the right gamification solution can help your business.

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